All Pressure sensor Pressure transmitter Liquid level sensor Temperature sensor Magnetostrictive liquid level sensor Magnetostrictive displacement sensor
NPC-1210 series NPC-1220 series NPC-410 series NPC-100 series NPI-19A series NPI-15A series NPI-15C series NPH-8 series SM5652/5651 series 1210A series 154N series NPD series NPP series NPA series 1220A series LXB-140 series LXB-1600 LXB-184 LXB-183 LXB-120 LXB 180 series LXB 3351 LXB-M magnetic level controller LXB-MH16 float switch LXB-3351FL LXB-1600F LXB -190 series Selection of parts for temperature transmitter LXB H series LXB 45 series LXB 25 series LXB 44 series LXB 24 series LXB 43 series LXB 33 series LXB 23 series LXB integrated temperature transmitter LXR-F magnetostrictive liquid level sensor LXR-L magnetostrictive displacement sensor

Pressure sensor

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